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Loved every moment of it.

Loved every moment of it. Really great ambiance! I’m so glad I was there. It was a joyous and a well spent evening. Freely praising and worshipping the Lord. I highly recommend such an event in the future to anyone who dares to spend time with the Lord in praise and worship.

HCX Luton 2024

What a lovely event that was!

What a lovely event that was! So glad I went. @LucyL you and your Luton choir were amazing and the movement in worship rhythm makers were just fab…couldn’t help but join them on the dance floor 😉

HCX Luton 2024

It was honouring & it was rich

I was interested that Scott painted Jesus breaking chains

Before the gathering I had seen angels with bolt-cutters. I have started to see this more & know then deliverance will happen…Freedom!

I think we can say definitely a good number of people attending did more than they usually do which is an expression of freedom.

One thing that really struck me was when we were moving with the staffs. We were surrounding the inner circle & there was a sound like a tick tock – the choir /band were singing Yeshua I think.
I was suddenly very aware that it was like a clock & even a metronome – that something was keeping time – in time.

This got my attention as we had moved this out prophetically as a community in October – & we as we have pondered this with God it lines up with prophecies for this year – from the British Council of Prophets – that we are being called into being IN TIME – with God, with one another – there is an alignment going on – more distinct than ever before.

The other prophetic movement that has really stuck with me was Anna leading a flock of us throwing something out, like arrows. It is a time of war & the angels are being released.

If I summed up Haven in Luton I would say…It was joyful! It was holy! It was diverse & unified.
It was honouring & it was rich.

Rachel, MIW
HCX Luton 2024

God bless

It is wonderful to serve God together in worship. God bless.

HCX Luton 2024

Beautiful event

Beautiful event. Unique and very colourful.

Loved it. Well done.

HCX Luton 2024

It's a pleasure to worship

God bless you. We bless the lord for the success of the Luton worship experience.
It’s a pleasure to worship and share the stage with you too.

Pastor Solomon, Saxophonist
HCX Luton 2024

a lovely time

Thank you for a lovely time.

I really enjoyed being there.

HCX Luton 2024

Brought great joy

The event was uplifting and brought great joy to all that participated.

It was hard to end the night and the unity of the choir is unmatched.

Thank you for giving us the chance to support you again as a choir.

Syrona, LGC
HCX Luton 2024

Awesome! Awesome!

It was awesome!
It shouldn’t have been missed!
I’m going to tell the people in church exactly what they did miss and hopefully they will come along for the next one just to see how good it was.
The holy spirit was certainly there!and everyone was dancing and singing…they were waving around with silk flags and the lights and everything.
It was an amazing atmosphere.
Awesome! Awesome!

Teresa Dean, St Hugh's Church
HCX Luton 2024

It was a privilege

It was a privilege and a joy to host the Haven Worship event at St Hugh’s, I came away refreshed by being in the presence of God and I do think the prophetic prayer team were doing something truly spiritually strategic for Luton.

It was a great night in the Lord’s presence.

May the Lord continue to bless and multiply your ministry and do please be in touch if you feel the Lord leads you back for another event in the future in Luton

Love in Christ

Rev Martyn, St Hugh’s Church, Lewsey, Luton
HCX Luton 2024

Highly Recommended

My friends loved every moment of it, and highly recommended another event in the future. I think that means they will definitely come again.

Lucy, Luton Gospel Choir
HCX Luton 2024

Love in Christ

It was a privilege and a joy to host the Haven Worship event at St Hugh’s, I came away refreshed by being in the presence of God and I do think the prophetic prayer team were doing something truly spiritually strategic for Luton.

It was a great night in the Lord’s presence.

May the Lord continue to bless and multiply your ministry and do please be in touch if you feel the Lord leads you back for another event in the future in Luton

Love in Christ

Rev Martyn St Hugh’s Church, Lewsey, Luton
HCX Luton 2024

Truly anointing people!

Blessed Morn everyone

My 1st year with ‘Haven’ and you truly anointing people! I had an amazing and awesome time and was even spoken to by the spirit through another worshipper that I didn’t even know but that’s what YAHUAH does….. I feel truly blessed to have been a part of this amazing vision and by his grace looking forward to next year…

I’m praying that vision Dr Ade may in even be in London next!

I hope we will all get together soon and not let it be only meeting on these occasions!

Ann Ingram
HAVEN 2019 – Worship Team

The Lord Was Evident

“Praise and worship gospel singers, the presence of the lord was evident in this place.”

HCX Birmingham

Describe in one word Haven City Expressions?


HCX Birmingham

Incredible Time!

I would like to extend a massive thank you to you all for the incredible time I had at Haven this past weekend.

The hospitality was second to none and the spirit of God was moving so potently, I am gutted I couldn’t stay until the end.

Thank You All so much once again. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!!

HAVEN 2019 Facilitator

A wonderful experience!

Thank you to ALL who welcomed me into your culture. It was really a great honour and a wonderful experience.

Ade, you are a real inspiration and role model for Christian Worshippers.

Thank you all for the blessing you were to myself and Debs.

I still haven’t perfected the sway though…I have realised that it must be from the hips…I think.

Keep smiling brothers and sisters.


Paul Rogers
HAVEN 2019 Volunteer – Worship Team

I feel really honoured

I feel really honoured and humbled to be apart of this ministry and seeing what the Lord is doing… blessed sunday ahead…

Give Thanks and Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ for it is through him and the Holy Spirits work, drawing people near and in. I have been struggling with depression and grieve but I have to keep my eyes and head focus on heaven. i was amazed this week alone where I’ve had ministers, intercessors and our pastor calling up to check how I was doing. when we have no words or faith to stand on God brings people to encourage us and Your ministry “Haven” is one of them. It’s like a shelter for me right now to keep my focus on Heaven and do the best i can to the Glory of God.

So be encouraged for you do not know what others are going through but yet your a well where people like myself can come and drink and be refreshed.

God bless you and thank you.

HAVEN 2019 – HSE Lead


Well what can I say!
I feel soooooo blessed to have met such lovely people! From the very first session I attended I was made to feel VERY welcome.

The team from church throughly enjoyed their time with the children (I was sneakingly taking photos as I was so impressed at how engaged the children were and how quick and resilient they were at making friends).

Thank you for this lovely opportunity where we can serve each other with love and passion.

Dr Ade, Ozine, Ezinne and all the team, (forgive me as I am terrible with names, so won’t attempt to call people out as I will forget someone)!

Thank you again for the warmth you’ve shown me. I feel I have found a few new fab friends.

All glory to the almighty. Looking forward to being part of 2020.


Sonia Bell (HAVEN 2019 – Childcare Team Leader and Worship Team)

Sonia Bell
HAVEN 2019 – ChildCare Team Leader and Worship Team

Best team I have worked with!

Thank you. I enjoyed working on the team and supporting your vision.

Best team I have worked with. Best conference I have enjoyed being at 100%

I am there next year. Anything I can help you and your team with just ask. If I can, I will.

Best regards

Haven 2018 Volunteer – VIP Protocol

I was blessed beyond measure

Wow ! What an exciting journey the last 4 months have been. This is truly n purely Haven to me and I’m sure to all that had participated in it. Thank God for the vision. Thank God that doc Ade heard, obeyed n took a step of faith to run with it. I strongly believe the last 2 days are convincing enough, that this is the Father’s will.

Haven 2017, I was in the crowd n was blessed beyond measure, 2018 I was called out of the crowd to be among the vessels used by God to bring down His presence n to bless us all. Never will I forget this experience in my life even though I know this is just a taster. Thank you Doc ,The Lovely first lady and the entire, most wonderful n friendly people ever. HAVEN’s Team, especially The VOCAL team (WOW!), for receiving me as part of the family that The Father is using to Occupy till He comes.We are blessed already .


Haven 2018 Volunteer – Voca

It was a privilege to serve

Sophie, you are just awesome! No words to explain your awesomeness, hope to keep in touch. Tx for the lovely gift…absolutely loved it!

@Ade…I pray that the good Lord be with you and your dear wife and continue to expand this vision. As you bless others, so shall the good Lord bless you both, abundantly above all you can ever ask or think. As you continue to be obedient to His call, may He expand your coast in every side and cause you to laugh always.

It was a privilege to serve…an awesome way to be ushered into another year being added to me.

I have worked with all sorts of teams in my lifetime in various capacities but this sure beats all hands down!

Haven 2018 Volunteer – Protocol

awesome seeing you at work

GOD will continue to use you Kind Ade. It was awesome seeing you at work, and carrying the weight GOD gave you the strength to carry, along with the perfect team set by GOD… Thank you!

Haven 2018 volunteer – VIP Protocol

Thanks for making me feel welcome

Hi Dr,
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to serve with you at Haven. It was a pleasure, can’t wait for next year. Thanks for making me feel welcome.

Pastor Kuda
Haven 2018 Volunteer – Media team

a Wonderful Event

Morning sir hope all is well.

I thank God for your life, for such a wonderful event. It was was amazing I pray for strength and long life for you and your family .

Also thank you very much to have TSF Lighting on this Event Haven.

Many thanks

Haven 2018 Vendor – TSF Lighting

I had an amazing time

You’re welcome Doc. I had an amazing time and was very blessed with the wisdom from Ron’s Q&A session. God bless you and wifey for following this awesome vision, I hope I’ll be able to participate and serve haven in a much better capacity next year.

Haven 2018 attendee

this is an amazing programme

God is great, this is an amazing programme, well done everyone, more strength in Jesus name, may the Fire of God keep on burning in our life in Jesus name.


Let’s keep the fire burning

Good morning all!

Am sure you are all still on a high from Saturday. Let’s keep the fire burning for our Lord, let’s keep journeying deeper into intimacy and closeness with the Godhead – Father, Son and Holy Spirit! How beautiful it was to spend time with you all and worship alongside each other once again. Glory to God.

God bless you Ade and Esther for all you sowed into the day. May you reap and gather plentifully!

Martin and I were really blessed to be part of the day.

God bless you.

Cheryl and Martin

Thanks for the HAVEN experience

Thank you very much doctor Ade and team. Thanks for the HAVEN experience. Hope to see you all next year.



Hallelujah we Holland team had an awesome time. Looking forward to next year.


It’s was a pleasure meeting you

Good morning Ade It’s was a pleasure meeting you, you are an outstanding man of God, a worshipper. My heart goes out to you for all the things you do. You and your team will be in our prayers hope to see you soon.

Shalom shalom

Hugh and Marcia

it was great pleasure to serve

Good morning doc, thank you for sharing your vision with us, it was great pleasure to serve, thanks for giving me the opportunity. God bless you sir and your lovely wife.

I believe Haven is a necessary platform for this end time season. A safe place for those who feel as though they are being unjustly persecuted for their creative and expressive ways of worshipping God. I also believe that it will serve as a fundamental vehicle for welcoming those who are yet to know Jesus Christ especially those who consider themselves artistic.

The leadership of Haven are fantastic and I’m honoured to be apart of it. I can see that everyone genuinely has a passion for the vision and loves Jesus and wants to see His name lifted high.

You are personally doing a fantastic job and I’m honoured to be your (aburo) brother. Thank you for bringing me into this vision God gave to you!

I want to see Haven grow and would love to be apart of its future marketing team!


Haven 2018 has been an awesome experience

Haven 2018 has been an awesome experience. Being able to welcome people who were ready and hungry for something new and seeing them leave smiling and full was great. Haven is so needed and I’m just glad to be a part of something that God has his fingerprint on.

Haven 2018 Volunteer – Registration desk

Long may this tradition continue!

Thank you for organizing such a successful & kingdom-minded event. Long may this tradition continue!
I was so impressed by Farai – the young man who delivered the Spoken Word.


carry on doing a great job

HAVEN 2017 I was there last year, it was awesome. Workshops were packed with knowledge, speakers were carefully selected and they cane with wealth of experience. They KNOW God. Please share with your Pastor’s, every worship leader you know much be attend. God is raising the Elect for Endtime Missions we need equipping in knowledge. See you there.

My feedback would be just carry on doing a great job, I’ve never experienced an event like that before! Powerful! So yeah it can only get better and bigger.